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10 Tips To Increase Page Views

         Everyone wants to maximise their page views, but it is not that simple and won't happen over the night. Here are some of the simple steps which would help you to increase page views:

Convert Windows Laptop into a Wireless Router

In this post we will loot at how to convert your laptop into wireless router at no cost within few minutes. Almost all laptops come with the wireless transceiver. That means it has all the necessary hardware to function as a wireless router. So you just need an appropriate software to accomplish that. Even though all the new operating systems have the necessary inbuilt configurations to convert them, it is bit complicated than the method that we are going to look at now.

How to Generate Images in Facebook Chat

In the previous post we looked at how to create colorful chat messages in Facebook. In this post we will look at how to include some images in Facebook chat. You can surprise your friends by including them in your chat. It is very simple, we will look at how to generate them.

Waterfall Restaurant: Villa Escudero Labasin Waterfall Restaurant - Philippines

Villa Escudero Labasin Waterfall Restaurant - Philippines  Villa Escudero is located in Quezon Province, Philippines (two to three hours drive south of Manila).

Prolonging mobile phone (Lithium-ion) battery life

I was searching about the effective battery charging tips for mobile phones on the Internet and I found the following explanation from a site, which is what I have been told by many mobile phone sellers as well. (I don't want to mention the site as this is a common statement provided by many experts)

What is your Lucky Colour?

Colours and You Which colour can bring you luck and enhance your day? This can be identified by calculating the  birth number,  

Tips to Get Your Own Domain Name for Blogger

In this article we will look at obtaining a custom domain name for blogspot. You can buy your domain name from several vendors, but there are several advantages in obtaining them from blogger itself.

Happy Weekend:Images Reproduced by Scanning the Brain, Youtube Usage

In this post we will look at a new technology to reproduce images captured by the brain and some interesting facts about Youtube.

How to Construct Magic Square (Maths Square Secrets)

In one of the previous posts we looked about 4 X 4 magic square . In that we have shown a magic square with constant 50. In this post we will find how to construct a magic square.

How to Watermark Images and Documents

You might have come across the need for a watermarking tool to water mark your documents or  images . This technique is widely used to protect the copyrights of the documents or images.