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Convert Windows Laptop into a Wireless Router

In this post we will loot at how to convert your laptop into wireless router at no cost within few minutes. Almost all laptops come with the wireless transceiver. That means it has all the necessary hardware to function as a wireless router. So you just need an appropriate software to accomplish that. Even though all the new operating systems have the necessary inbuilt configurations to convert them, it is bit complicated than the method that we are going to look at now.

This can be achieved by using Connectify software. There are several advantages in converting your laptop into wireless router. 
  • You can share your broadband connection with many devices (many smart phones have the Wi-Fi capability) - in many countries mobile internet is expensive.
  • You can share the internet connection with others without buying wireless router. 
They offer a very basic version for free, which is sufficiently enough to convert a Windows laptop into a basic wireless router. If you want extra features you can buy the Pro version. Some of the important features offered by the connectify for free are:
  • Software Access Point
  • Share Internet from other Wi-Fi Networks
  • Display Connected Computers/Devices
  • Simple Firewall Controls 
Following video explains the some of the features it offers and the advantages of using Connectify.

It needs very few simple steps to setup the router. Lets look at it:
  • Download the software.
  • Install it in your laptop (once you installed it you will have to reboot your computer).
  • You can find the Connectify in the "Notification Area" in your desktop (next to the clock). Click on the Connectify icon. It will look like the following image.
  • Now you have to specify a "Hotspot Name".
  • Then select a suitable "Password" (good if it is long).
  • Select the internet connection that you are going to use under "Internet to Share".
  • That's it. Now click "Start Hotspot".
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