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How to Watermark Images and Documents

You might have come across the need for a watermarking tool to water mark your documents or images. This technique is widely used to protect the copyrights of the documents or images.

When you publish pictures or documents on social media or on Internet, anybody can easily copy them and re-share. You can prevent or retain the ownership of those images or documents by watermarking them either with text or with an image. There are plenty of watermarking softwares available, but only handful of them are available for free of charge.

TSR Watermark Image is one of the freely available watermarking softwares. Some of the important features offered by this software are:
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Add text watermark that is either normal, embossed, chiseled or watermarked with a border.
  • Automatically rotate the watermarked picture based on the orientation 
  • Add the text used to watermark the image to the EXIF information in the resulting file.
  • Keep or drop EXIF information in jpeg files (Camera model/lense model/etc. etc.)
  • Output the watermarked photo to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF file format.
  • Specify the quality of the watermarking output when saving as jpeg images
  • Angle the text you use for your photo watermarking
  • Insert background watermark in digital images, pictures, photos
  • Resize images while watermarking the image/photo
  • Watermark your photos using either another image, photo or picture
  • Watermark your photos using your own text in the color and style you want to.
  • Command line option to automatically load a profile and batch watermark all photos.
Free version (not for commercial purpose) of this software does not support multiple watermarks. But don't worry. If you really want to do multiple watermarking, what you can do is:
Either you can buy the paid version of that software.
Input the image and place one water mark and save that as an image. Then use that image as the input image and place another watermark. Repeat this process to do multiple watermarking. Following image shows the image with multiple watermarks applied on it (one watermark is at the bottom of the image and the other one in the middle of the image). 

You can download the software hereClick download to download the free  version of that software. You can download the portable version if you wish. If you don’t like to use any special softwares for watermarking you can always watermark your pictures using MS paint.

Next we will look at how to watermark word documents. In Microsoft word 2007 goto Page Layout menu. Under that you can see Watermark button with several options. Using that you can add picture watermark or text watermark to your word documents.

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