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What is your Lucky Colour?

Colours and You

Which colour can bring you luck and enhance your day? This can be identified by calculating the birth number, 

How to calculate your birth number:
Deduce your birth date to a single digit. For example if you have born on 1980 January 19th then 1+9+8+1+1+9 = 29 by further reducing 2+9 = 11, again 1+1 = 2 so your birth number is 2. Lucky colours for each birth number is  shown below,
  • 1 - all shades of brown, gold ,yellow, golden brown.
  • 2 - all shades of green and white.
  • 3 - pink, violet, blue and purple.
  • 4 - electric blues and greys.
  • 5 - light green and white.
  • 6 - all shades of blue, rose and pink.
  • 7 - all shades of green, white and yellow.
  • 8 - dark blue and purple.
  • 9 - red, maroon, orange, and rose pink.


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