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10 Tips To Increase Page Views

    Everyone wants to maximise their page views, but it is not that simple and won't happen over the night. Here are some of the simple steps which would help you to increase page views:
  • Related Posts: Display related posts below each post. This will encourage the reader to follow them and read. When your blog contains different varieties of posts, the related articles will help the reader to filter out the relevant ones.
  • Page Loading Time: Try to avoid large images in the posts this will increase the page loading time and will use much more bandwidth.
  • Interlink Posts: This will help the reader to follow the posts. It enables the reader who visits your blog for the first time to quickly understand the post and with the help of the previous posts. This will also encourage the reader to re visit your blog.
  • Display Popular/ Most Commented Posts: This will help them to select the posts to read out of large number of posts in the blog. This will act as a guide for the reader who views the blog for the first time (where to start from).
  • Archives/ Categories/ Tags (Organise your blog): This will help you and the reader to easily access the relevant posts whenever they want. If the blog is too messy even you won’t view the blog.
  • Use Excerpts: Rather than displaying the whole article in the first page, the excerpts would help the reader to flip through the articles and find the relevant ones. This will attract more reader to view your blog.
  • Eye Catching and Short Headlines: This is very important to attract the readers to spend time on you blog. This will give a snap shot of the article to the reader.
  • Search Bar: Information is everywhere, but the reader doesn't have enough time to go through all of them. This will help the reader find the relevant information quickly and efficiently.
  • Share Your Posts: Sharing your posts in the social networks will spread the information more quickly than the conventional methods.
  • Quality Content: Don't make the posts to long this will have negative impact on the page views. Try write to the point and with sufficient information.
  •  Write Interesting Articles: Write interesting and short articles with precise information, so the reader would not get bored reading the articles. Click hear to read about "how to write an interesting article"

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