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Prolonging mobile phone (Lithium-ion) battery life

I was searching about the effective battery charging tips for mobile phones on the Internet and I found the following explanation from a site, which is what I have been told by many mobile phone sellers as well. (I don't want to mention the site as this is a common statement provided by many experts)

"Full cycle charge : Many users tend to charge their phone even it doesn’t need any charging. Constantly charging your phone at every chance you get can keep your phone fully charge all the time–but it does not help your phone’s overall battery health at all. Overcharging can degrade your phone’s battery. So can doing quick charges and not full cycle charges. Only recharge your phone when it hits the red and let it completely fully charge to 100 percent without any interruptions. That way, you are keeping good battery calibrations on your device, as well as maintaining battery health."
Then I searched through some other articles and finally ended up in Wikipedia, where it was stated as follows,
"Most modern cell phones, laptops, and most electric vehicles use Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries last longest if the battery is frequently charged; fully discharging them will degrade their capacity relatively quickly. When storing however, lithium batteries degrade more while fully charged than if they are only 40% charged. Degradation also occurs faster at higher temperatures. Degradation in lithium-ion batteries is caused by an increased internal battery resistance due to cell oxidation. This decreases the efficiency of the battery, resulting in less net current available to be drawn from the battery."
Prolonging Lithium-ion battery life in general:
  • Avoid deep discharge (instead charge more often).
  • Avoid storing the battery in full discharged state. When the battery is depleted below the low-voltage threshold it cannot be charged because the protection circuit (a type of electronic fuse) disables it.
  • Lithium-ion batteries should be kept cool (may be stored in refrigerator).
  • The rate of degradation of Lithium-ion batteries is strongly  depends on temperature.
  • Use appropriate chargers to recharge the batteries.

If you want to get more details about "How to prolong Lithium based batteries", click here.

This method of charging batteries is more suitable for Lithium-ion batteries, please note that there are phones/laptops with other types of batteries.

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