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DNS Changer - Protect Yourself Before 9th July 2012

DNS Changer is a malicious software (Malware)- (In simple terms it is a virus) that changes Domain Name System (DNS) setting, and directing the internet users to fraudulent websites and may install some additional malware to their computers.

Adding Floating Social Media Buttons and Customising it

You might have seen floating share buttons in many sites. We also have one in our site, so we thought to share that with our viewers. It is very easy to include and in this post we will look at how to add them and customise them to your requirements.

Adding Facebook Like Button to Your Website

In this post we will look at how to generate code for Facebook like button. Go to this link  and you will see settings as shown in the following image to generate the code. 

How to Convert Excel Charts into High Resolution Images

Microsoft Excel is widely used to generate graphs and to analyse data due to its simple graphical user interface.  Have you ever tried to convert the charts into images? If yes, you might have used "Print Screen" feature to easily convert the charts into images. However most of the scientific journals require the images in high resolution TIFF format. So in this post we will look at how to convert Microsoft Excel Charts/Graphs easily into high resolution images.

23 Popular Emotional Smiley for Facebook

Previous post we looked at how to publish a blank status message . In this post we would like to share some of the commonly used smiley in Facebook. We included the characters used to generate each smiley.

IPv6 Launch - 6 June 2012

You may have heard about IPv6 launch  So what is that? Major internet service providers, home network equipment manufacturers and web companies (including Google, Facebook, Yahoo) are going to permanently switch to IPv6 from IPv4 by 6th June 2012.

How to Watch a Portion of the Youtube Video

Everybody must have used Youtube to share videos for free and to get information about so many things. But do you know the scale of the Youtube usage? In this post we will look at how to view/embed a portion of the Youtube video. This will not only save your time but also your internet data bandwidth.

Google Offers Typing Tool for Indian Languages

Transliteration is an interesting technology that helps people compose documents, emails or even chat in languages other than English, using the English (Roman) keyboard. Google provides an online tool to achieve this easily, but Google also released a free  transliteration utility for Windows that can work offline as well.

Freeware to Monitor Bandwidth Usage

In most countries internet is still an expensive commodity. Even in other countries wireless internet service providers offer limited data allowance. This requires you to monitor the data usage efficiently. Even if you have unlimited internet access it is a good practice to monitor the network usage. This will not only provides you the network usage information, but also will help to  identify the suspicious activities. There are several tools available to monitor the network data usage. Today we are going to introduce a free network monitoring software for your computer.