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Google Offers Typing Tool for Indian Languages

Transliteration is an interesting technology that helps people compose documents, emails or even chat in languages other than English, using the English (Roman) keyboard. Google provides an online tool to achieve this easily, but Google also released a free transliteration utility for Windows that can work offline as well.

It is called Google IME, you may install this tool on any XP/Vista or Windows 7 computer to write text in most Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Farsi (Persian), Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Telugu and Urdu. This tool also works with Amharic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Oriya, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese and Tigrinya. 

Some of the features offered:
  • Offline support: No dependency on internet connection.
  • Word completions: Dictionary based word completions for prefixes.
  • Personalized choices: Remember user corrections along with macro and canonical support.
  • Easy keyboard: Dictionary enabled keyboard to enter rare and complex words.
  • Quick search: Single click web search for highlighted word.
  • Cool customization: Customize suggestions page size, display font and more.
Once you install this tool there will be an activation button appear at the right corner of the task bar (near the computer clock). It appear as "EN" and by clicking that you can easily toggle between the language you want to type and English. You you can generate texts anywhere by typing the words just the way they sound in that language using English letters. As you type, it will show all possible words, which pronounce like the word you typed for your selection. You may also use the on-screen virtual keyboard to type complex words that cannot be formed using the Roman keyboard.

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