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23 Popular Emotional Smiley for Facebook

Previous post we looked at how to publish a blank status message. In this post we would like to share some of the commonly used smiley in Facebook. We included the characters used to generate each smiley.

First column shows the characters used to generate the corresponding smiley in the second column. Image on the right side shows the preview of the corresponding smiley.

:) Smile

:D Big smile
;) Wink
^_^ Happy
>:o Happy eyes
:3 Cat smile
>:-( Grumpy
:( Sad
:'( Crying
:o Shocked
8) Four-eyes
8-| Cool
:P Tongue
O.o Uh?
-_- Nerd
:\ Uncertain
3:) Devil
O:) Angel
:* Kiss
<3 Heart
:v Pacman
:|] Robot
:putnam: Face


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