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How to Watch a Portion of the Youtube Video

Everybody must have used Youtube to share videos for free and to get information about so many things. But do you know the scale of the Youtube usage? In this post we will look at how to view/embed a portion of the Youtube video. This will not only save your time but also your internet data bandwidth.

Firstly you need identify the url of the video you want to watch. If you look at the following image you will find a button called "Share" under the video; marked with red square box. When you click on that it opens and highlights a link, copy that link.
In the following video it is:

When you open the video you all know it will start playing that means it will star downloading. You can stop this by "right clicking" on the video and click "stop download"; this will stop the download process.

Now you have to decide the time at which the video should start. Represent that it in minutes and seconds. Lets say the video should start from 1 minute and 20 seconds. Add #t=1m20s at the end of the url and the new url would look like the following.
Lets say the following the video url

The new url will look like the following

Now use this new url to embed or to start viewing the video from time you designated. 


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