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Colour Chat in facebook

Now you can chat in Facebook using different colour letters. Here is the colour code for all the English letters (Capital letters). If you copy and paste this code in Facebook, the letters will appear in dark green colour .

Name numerology / Name number (Indian )

The "Name Number" is very important for your life. A lucky name can make you successful whereas an unlucky one can make you inefficient and fill your life with miseries.  You can have more than one "Name Number" , if others call you by different names. 

How To Write An Interesting Article

Articles are a small pieces of information, which provide outline information or very in-depth information about a particular topic. Anyone can write an article but the question is how to write an interesting article which can attract more readers. Writing a good article is not an easy task, it is quite tricky. Some topics may be interesting for a group of people but opposed by another group. So, the first thing you have to consider before writing the article is your readers,whom the article is targeted.