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Colour Chat in facebook

Now you can chat in Facebook using different colour letters. Here is the colour code for all the English letters (Capital letters). If you copy and paste this code in Facebook, the letters will appear in dark green colour.

eg : if you type the code [[196920740401785]] then it will appear as   A

[[196920740401785]] – A
[[113544575430999]] – B
[[294715893904555]] – C
[[294660140569858]] – D
[[328415510520892]] – E
[[270221906368791]] – F
[[212614922155016]] – G
[[205633882856736]] – H
[[256255337773105]] – I
[[288138264570038]] – J
[[296999947008863]] – K
[[216672855078917]] – L
[[278786215503631]] – M
[[241341589270741]] – N
[[312524205448755]] – O
[[200138403410055]] – P
[[165410113558613]] – Q
[[203403609746433]] – R
[[334427926570136]] – S
[[250632158335643]] – T
[[285985351447161]] – U
[[343627398996642]] – V
[[315740851791114]] – W
[[136342506479536]] – X
[[224173507657194]] – Y
[[317710424919150]] – Z

This is little bit difficult way. There is another easy way to do this and that will allow you to chat in in different colours (yellow, red, blue, etc.)
Please click here (Nice colourful Chat in Facebook) to read that post.
Animated Smileys for Facebook Chat 

(note - this will work for chat window or in message window only)


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