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OSMC - Raspberry PI

In this post I will list all the useful links and codes for reference.

  • Default username and password: osmc
  • Finding the IP address: ip addr show
  • Changing the default password: passwd
  • Display the amount of disk space available: df -h (-h human readable output format)
  • Mounting external drives in read-write mode: mount -o remount,rw /media/"disk_name" - replace disk name with the drive name

Getting to the terminal:
You can log in locally by exiting Kodi:
  • Navigate to the power icon in Kodi
  • Select Exit/Quit
  • Wait for the OSMC splash screen to appear
  • Press ESC on your keyboard
  • Login to your device using osmc for the username and password.
From RC3 onwards there is another way to log in to the local console:
  • During boot hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard
  • After a few seconds you will be taken directly to a login screen rather than Kodi.
  • Login to your device using osmc for the username and password.

Manual update check (RC3 or later)
Useful if you cannot perform updates from OSMC settings for any reason:
  • During boot hold down both the SHIFT and CTRL keys together until you see the blue update screen
  • A full update will now occur then Kodi will restart

Logging in via SSH

  • Windows users can download an SSH client called PuTTY here.
  • Linux and OS X users should have an SSH client already
  • You can find your device's IP address in Settings -> System Info -> Network


  • Run Putty and enter the IP address of your device and click OK
  • When prompted, enter osmc for both username and password

Linux / OS X

  • Open a Terminal interface and run the following command:
    ssh osmc@X.Y.Z
  • Be sure to substitute your IP address in the command above.
  • You will be prompted to accept the SSH key if this is the first time you have connected to the device. Type yes
  • Enter osmc as the password


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