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Araluen Botanic Park - Western Australia

In this post we are going to look at one of the places you should visit in Perth, Australia. Araluen Botanic Park is  an extraordinary garden located in the Darling Range, just 35 km south-east of the Perth CBD (50 minute drive). This amazing garden is famous for its tulips. Spring season (August and September) is the perfect time to view the tulip flowers, but you can always view other flowers during other seasons. For example roses in summer season. So, it is always good to check their official website before planning your visit.

Unlike other public parks in perth (kings park, Whiteman park) we had to pay an entrance fee to visit the park ($4 for adults in 2012). However it is worth for the money. During September the entire garden will be filled with colourful tulips and Camellias. There are small waterfalls and ponds inside the garden to admire. It is a very nice experience to hear the sound of the waterfalls from the Perth hills while walking in the garden. The 20 minute ride around the Park on the park train, includes a commentary, which is worth for the gold coin donation. 

The park is a favourite venue for weddings, photography and family get-together. Electric and Wood BBQs are available for free of charge.  You can buy foods form the garden restaurants as well. 

We included some photos, which describe the scenic beauty of the Araluen Park.


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