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Happy Weekend: UAV in Journalism, Spongy Eggless Cake, Funny Message, Just for Laugh

We have upgraded our domain name to Please update your feed reader, bookmarks, etc. With this happy note we are going to start a new series of posts called  "Happy Weekend" for you to spend your weekend wisely with fun. Don't forget to read this series  every weekend.

Quote of this week

"Action is the real measure of intelligence"
by Napoleon Hill 

Facebook fun status message 

How to know whether you are normal or not..
1- you have a Facebook account
2- you have a mobile phone
3- you have 2 or more SIMs.
4 -you watch TV
6- you sleep late
7- you get up early
9-  you are so forgot to read number 5
10- you actualy read again to see wheter 5 is there(dont worry 8 also missing)
11- now you have realized that you are abnormal and you are smiling :P

Don't worry you are normal and continue reading :)

Drone journalism

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV), commonly known as drone is first built in 1920s for military purposes. But nowadays it is used in various civil application. Read this ABC News about drone in journalism. Check the videos embedded in that article. Read the article here.

Just for make you laugh

I make cakes often for parties. One day I made eggless butter cake just for a change. Most of the visitors refuse to believe that it was made without egg. That cake came out very well. So I wanted to share that recipe with you. Eat  spongy egglessbutter cake here. Of course you have to make. :P

Dog- Cat Friendship 


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