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Google tricks (Google Magic)

Many people use Google as their search engine. I wonder, I might google at least 100 times a day.

While I was searching for some keywords, I have found some interesting/amazing effects on the screen. I would like to share some of them with you.

Type these keywords in Google search (one at a time), then hit enter and see the magic and enjoy.
  1. Do a barrel roll
  2. Askew
  3. Tilt
Now Type these keywords (see below - one keyword at a time) - then the drop down box will open and you will see the related terms in it. If you move your mouse to the term searched you will see another link called "I'm feeling lucky". Press that and you will see the magic.....
  1. Let it snow 
    - you can clean the snow using mouse.
  2. Google gravity
    - you can move the fallen parts using mouse (move those up and hold off your mouse)
    - Try to search something (eg - apple) in the fallen search bar
  3. google loco
  4. who is awesome

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