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Blank Status message and Blue Colour Status message in Facebook

Ever thought of posting a blank status update? Probably you must have tried it when you feel like totally blank, but you might failed in posting it. :) As Facebook won’t allow you do it by simply clicking on post button without entering any character into the status box. 

So how to post blank status? It is very simple
Type the below code in status box and press post.
@[0: ] 
Don't forget to leave a blank space after colon (:).

Are you happy with that?
Now it is time to surprise your friends with blue colour wall post and comments. Normally if you post anything in Facebook the text will appear in black colour. 

Now we will see how to change the text colour from black to blue.
Type the below code in Facebook wall post or comment box and press post. 
@@[1:[0:1:  Daily Expose ]] 

If you post the above code that will appear like this

To post your status message, replace the text (Daily expose) with your own status and post. 

Like this post? I will post more amazing stuff like this soon.
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