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Animated Smileys for Facebook Chat

Do you like to send animated smileys to your friends or loved ones? Have you ever tried to include some animated smileys when you chat in Facebook? 

You might have noticed that these smileys are available in other services (Skype,  Yahoo, MSN, etc..). You can insert animated smileys in Facebook chat by typing the codes as shown below. You can generate the relevant animated smileys by typing the corresponding numbers (simply copy these codes and paste in your chat window) either in Facebook message window or in Facebook chat window. Smileys and its corresponding labels are shown in figure.
Note: The figure shows non- animated (static images). But if you copy and paste the below code in your Facebook chat window or inbox you can see the animated image.
[[126138614064758]]  - Cat with Headphone
[[126229577388995]] - Dog
[[126226617389291]] - Puppy
[[126218570723429]] - See-Saw
[[126229860722300]] - Sweeping White Mouse
[[394930959230]] – Smileys Zzzz
[[126216480723638]] – Blue Butterfly
[[394930959230]] - Sleeping Smiley
[[126228947389058]] -  Tweety Bird
[[126218157390137]] - Eye Blinking Puppy

Next post will be on Blank Status and Blue Colour Status in Facebook. Read about How to send Amazing Image smileys in Facebook chat

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