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Find Large Number of Duplicate Files on Your Computer

You might have come across the problem of identifying and removing the duplicate files in your computer. These duplicates file could be created by yourself or by some applications. If the number of  files to be identified is in small amount then you can do it manually. But if it is bulk then this process will be time consuming and boring. 

I am sure there are number of applications available to perform this task, but of those "Duplicate Commander" deserves to be near the top of that list.


- Fast search engine
- Lightweight
- Ability to exclude particular folders and filetypes
- Ability to only scan certain filetypes
- Ability to scan files of a particular size range
- Ability to convert duplicates to NTFS hard links (a link file that points to a single copy of the    file)
- Allows users to copy/move duplicates to a folder
- Ability to undo certain actions through "undo scripts"
- Ability to place checkmarks beside files that match certain criteria
- Ability to export the duplicate list to the hard drive and then import it back into DC later  (without rescanning again)
- Find-as-you-type search box allows users to conveniently search through the duplicate list
- Able to find duplicates based on filename, filename and extension, filename and size, - filename and timestamp, or actual data
- Includes an advanced junk finder that finds folders left from poorly written application uninstallers (for ADVANCED users only!)
- Free for educational, personal, and professional uses

Duplicate Commander Homepage (Windows only; Freeware; Portable)

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