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Multipass Commands

 Multipass is a very useful/handy virtualisation tool for Ubuntu VMs.


Some mostly used command examples:

[pre class="brush:bash"]
# find available images
multipass find

# launch an instance using default current Ubuntu LTS
multipass launch --name name-of-the-instance

# launch a particular version of Ubuntu instance
multipass launch --name name-of-the-instance 18.04

# launch an instance with specific hardware
multipass launch -c 2 -m 2G -d 20G -n name-of-the-instance

# stop and start instances
multipass start name-of-the-instance <another-name>
multipass stop name-of-the-instance

# enter shell of the instance
multipass shell name-of-the-instance

# list instances
multipass list

# delete the instance
multipass delete name-of-the-instance

# completely get rid of the instance
multipass purge

Some other useful commands:

[pre class="brush:bash"]
delete # Delete instances
exec # Run a command on an instance
find # Display available images to create instances from
get # Get a configuration setting
help # Display help about a command
info # Display information about instances
launch # Create and start an Ubuntu instance
list # List all available instances
mount # Mount a local directory in the instance
purge # Purge all deleted instances permanently
recover # Recover deleted instances
restart # Restart instances
set # Set a configuration setting
shell # Open a shell on a running instance
start # Start instances
stop # Stop running instances
suspend # Suspend running instances
transfer # Transfer files between the host and instances
umount # Unmount a directory from an instance
version # Show version details


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