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How to Use "screen" Command

Installing: sudo apt-get install screen

Staring screen: screen

Controlling with screen instead of shell: "ctrl+a"

Screen help page: "ctrl+a" "?"

Creating windows: "ctrl+a" "c"

Switching between windows: Next - "ctrl+a" "n"; Previous - "ctrl+a" "p"

Detaching from screen: "ctrl+a" "d"

Reattach to screen: screen -r

Logging screen output: "ctrl+a" "H"

Getting alerts: Activity - "ctrl+a" "M"; Inactivity - "ctrl+a" "_"

Locking screen session - "ctrl+a" "x"

Stopping screen: exit or :"ctrl+a" "k"

Creating a screen session with a particular name: screen -S screen_name


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