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How to Configure the Apple Mail with HTML Signature

This post provides the steps to configure the Apple Mail with HTML signature
  1. create a signature with some text (“going to edit this signature”) to identify later - Apple mail -> Mail -> Preferences -> Signatures -> Select the Email account and create the signature.
  2. Now quit the Apple Mail (by right clicking on the icon and pressing quit)
  3. Now go to one of the following directories depending on the version
    1. ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures
    2. ~/Library/Mail/V3/MailData/Signatures
  4. Now identify the signature (*.mailsignature) with the included text in step one by opening it is TextWrangler (otherwise cd to the above folder and run the following command)
    1. open -a *.mailsignature
  5. Replace the bottom part of the signature with your html code and save the file.
  6. Now right click on the file and click “Get Info” and tick the “Locked”
  7. Now open the Apple Mail and you will see the new signature when you compose a new email.


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