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Great Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100/GT-i9100T

In this post, I document some useful links for Samsung Galaxy S2.

  1. GT-i9100 Stock ROM - SamMobile
  2. GT-i9100T Stock ROM - SamMobile
  3. Modems
  4. Modems
Coverage problems (forum discussions):

  1. Galaxy S2 unable to register to network, no signal
  2. Telstra Galaxy S2 i9100-t with TPG Sim - Telstra sim works but Optus doesn't
  3. Modem for Australian S2 on Jelly Bean VODAFONE - DULP4
  4. Hardware difference between I9100 and I9100T (Photos I9100 and I9100T)
  5. Hardware/performance difference between I9100 and I9100T discussion
Installing custom rom: above CWM or above:
  1. wipe data/factory reset
  2. wipe cash partition
  3. advance - wipe dalvic cash
  4. mounts/ storages - format / system
Custom ROMS:
  1. Cynergenmod
  2. Paranoid Android
  3. Ominirom
  4. Spirit rom - xda - 
  5. Resurrection remix - xda - official - ROM Download
    1. 02.06.2015 - ROM - GAPPS
  1. Privacy guard
  2. XPrivacy
  3. SuperuserSu
  4. Root Explorer - /efs backup - How to backup efs folder
  1. *#*#197328640#*#*
Other useful links:
  1. Australian mobile network frequencies
Other pages:


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