Raspberry Pi Tips/Tricks/Useful Links and Projects

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi B+ and a Raspberry Pi 2. I am looking into interesting Pi projects, thus thought to document them and share in this post. I haven't tested these, but once I test, I will update them.

  1. Youtube video downloader (Old installation instruction)
  2. Installing OpenElec on Raspberry Pi, OpenElec Builds
Operating systems:
  1. RetroPie (https://retropie.org.uk/) allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi or PC into a retro-gaming machine.
  2. Raspbian () 
  3. Screenly
  4. MotionEyeOS
  5. RasPlex

Media Center:
  1. Xbian (http://www.xbian.org/what-is-xbian/) is a small, fast and lightweight media center distribution.
  2. OSMC
  3. LibreMC
Interesting projects:
  1. Magic Mirror, Mirrors designed around the world, GitHub repository.
  2. Photo Frame.
  3. NAS
    1. Raspberry Pi NAS
    2. Raspberry Pi NAS with redundancy using rsync
    3. How to make a Raspberry Pi NAS Youtube video
  4. Raspberry Pi camera live streaming and recording web interface
  5. Configuring Plex in OSMC (fixing the issue with some configuration - forum topic)
  6. BlissFlixx
Some of the useful informations:

The default pi user on Raspbian is a sudoer. This gives the ability to run commands as root when preceded by sudo, and to switch to the root user with 
[pre class="brush:bash"]sudo su[/pre]

Launch Raspbian Config :[pre class="brush:bash"]
sudo raspi-config[/pre]

Installation and use of youtube-dl:

Download and installation instructions and documentation.

Useful commands:
[pre class="brush:bash"]
#supress output and error messages and download in background
nohup youtube-dl https://www.youtube.com/***** -i &

 #download the videos listed in a text file
nohup youtube-dl -a down.txt -i &

 #download the highest quality video
 nohup youtube-dl -f 22 -a down.txt -i &

 #download the playlist and start from 1
nohup youtube-dl -f 22 -a down.txt --playlist-start 1 -i &

 #download the highest quality video (even 1080p)
# this requires installation of avconv or ffmpeg
nohup youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio -a down.txt -i &

#it is difficult or impossible to install ffmpeg in osmc
#use following command to install avconv
sudo apt-get install libav-tools

#copying the file at a regular interval to another drive in the background
while true; do sleep 1800; mv *.mp4 /sda1/data; done &

#extract the audio only
nohup youtube-dl url -x --audio-format "mp3" --audio-quality 0 --playlist-start 29 -i &[/pre]

Compiling ffmpeg in Raspbian (with openssl):
[pre class="brush:bash"]
sudo apt-get install openssh
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
git clone https://git.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.git ffmpeg
cd ffmpeg
./configure --prefix=/home/pi/arm --enable-openssl
make install

# add the following to .bashrc file
export PATH=$PATH”:$HOME/arm/bin”[/pre]

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