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Installing and Customizing Best Related Post Plugin for Blogger: nRelated

There are several advantages in displaying related posts under each post for the publisher and reader. Particularly when your site covers different areas, it will be impossible for the reader to find relevant information easily. There are different plugins available for free, but in this post we will look at one called nRelate.
Advantages of placing related posts:
  • It will help the reader to easily find the related content out of many useful  articles in a particular site.
  • This will make the reader to come back again as they can get the information quickly.
  • This will help to increase page views, hence it reduces the bounce rate and keep the reader longer in your site.
Reasons for the selection of nRelate:
  • Quick responding and friendly customer support.
  • This is the most customizable one out of all with easy customization.
  • Freely available (available for Blogger and Wordpress).
  • No external re-directs. You wont loose your readers.
  • You can re-index your site at any time - when you remove some articles you can prevent them from appearing in related posts again.
  • Reader analytics. This displays the impressions, clicks, etc.
Now we will look at how to install and customize nRelate for Blogger. But for others the steps are almost similar except you need to select the relevant product. Some said that it is not displaying the actual related posts in their site. My personal experience is that it takes some time to learn. You can specify level of relativeness of the related posts. No we will look at how to install and customize it.

Install the Plugin:
  • Go to and register.
  • Go to the "Install" tab and choose your platform: In your case "Blogger".
  • Enter your site’s URL (make sure to include http://****** in the box and click "Submit" (as shown in the following figure).
  • Then following page will be displayed and you have to select one from the following options (Popular option is "posts only"):
    1. Posts only
    2. Posts and homepage
    3. All blog sections
    4. Advanced

  • Then press "Continue" and you will see the page as showin in the following figure. Once you click "Add to Blogger", your Blogger dashboard will then open in a new window or tab. Click "Add Widget" and then Save.

Customize Your Settings:

You can customize your settings through the nRelate Partners Site under "Manage Settings" > "Blogger" where they give you a huge number of customization options. Some of the important features are:
  • You can select the thumbnail size and the default image for the posts without thumbnail.
  • You can select the maximum number of related posts (up to 10) and how far in your archive to look for related posts.
  • You have the option to display their logo within the plugin also they provide the option to share related posts from external sites.
  • You can also choose to display sponsored ads within the plugin, if you want to make some extra money.
  • You can select the "Styles" of the thumbnail image. You can find the sample styles from this link.
  • You can select the level of relevancy of the related posts. It is recommonded to set it to "Low". 

It will take about two hours to start displaying related posts, since their severs need to crawl your site content. This plugin will not only neatly displays the related posts, but also gives your site a richer look.


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