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Happy Weekend:Flying Car, 3D Street Art, Facebook Messenger

In the last post we looked at the findings on the reproduction of eye visuals by scanning the brain . This week we will look at some other interesting stuffs:

Send Roses in Facebook Chat

In the previous post we looked  how to send amazing images in Facebook chat . Now you can send more images in Facebook chat. This week we are posting the codes for beautiful Roses. We are in the process of adding codes for more images. So if you need a particular image or a collection feel free to leave us in a comment. We will generate and publish the code for you.

Optical Illusion - Rotating Snakes - The secret behind it

You may have seen lots of optical illusion images and wondered how they cheat our eyes (Famous illusion called Monkey Business Illusion ). Researches say those pictures not only trick our eyes, but also convince our brain. Have you ever tried to find the reasons behind these illusions. Reachers have started to explore these and in this post we will look at one illusion called "rotating snakes" .